Homeschool Plans

We are working hard to finish up school this week.
I had originally planned on being finished last week,
but with sickness and life happening,
it didn't go as planned.

The kids are ready for a break.
I am ready for a break.
I need my morning hours to complete pre-baby coming-home tasks.
It seems like after two o'clock in the afternoon,
if it isn't done... it most likely won't be getting done until the next day.
Aside from supper, baths, and my walk... I am pretty much worthless in the evenings.

We are planning a week, or so, to check off to-dos,
and then we will start a little summer school.
Reading... games... maybe a worksheet for review... iPad games... Bible movies, etc.
Totally laid back and enjoyable.
That will be what we will do for the month of June,
and then July is baby month!

I am in the process of writing an eBook about our homeschooling journey.
It is more of a "I never planned to homeschool.  How did I get here and what do I do now?" type of book.
I am offering my readers a chance to chime in and ask any questions they might have for a first-generation homeschooler.  You can either ask in the comments or email me at

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  1. That's awesome! I am going to do a trial homeschooling period this summer. My girls will be in kindergarten and 2nd grade in the fall. I really enjoyed the youtube video you shared on homeschooling. I am wondering how to plan the school year out. I don' want to write it all down in the calendar and then have to change everything. Thanks!