Motherhood // Embracing It All

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Mother's Day.
A day to celebrate the moment we looked deep into the eyes of a child that would change us forever.
For me, it was the day I also embraced all that motherhood encompasses.
The diapers, sleepless nights, crumbs that stick to my feet as I walk through the house,
tooth paste smeared sinks, and slobbered on windows.
Those are all things, that even though they may make me grumble right now,
I will look back on and wish for fondly.

I am in the best place in life right now.
Getting to see the wonder and joy that springs from the little faces that look at me every day.
The sweet songs that drift through our home and giggles that are shared
make all the sticky handprints worth it.

As we celebrate Mothers everywhere,
I want to love on my mom.
She gave up a lot to stay at home and care for me and my siblings.
She's a mom who created such a clean and warm place to come home to after a day at school.
She's a mom who gathered us for family dinners every night and was always there when I needed her.
Those are all things I have tried to carry on to my own family.

New York Life is Celebrating Good this Mother's Day.
I would love to hear how you have passed on sweetness from your childhood into your own family.
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