The Happenings

Life has been quiet here on the blog the past few weeks.
We have been working hard to finish up school and 
have been running to my doctor appointments, dance practice, and co-op sessions.

It has been a busy season and doesn't show signs of letting up any time soon.
We start t-ball for Liam this week and prepare for Ella's recital coming up next month.
We have projects out the wazoo to get completed before baby #4 comes,
the least of which includes transitioning our current baby into her sister's room.
It is crazy!

Yesterday was such a packed day, so I made it a priority
to slow down today and keep it simple.
Days like this are my favorite.
I get caught up on laundry.
The kids play outside.
They snack on a bowl full of grapes.
We all take naps (the "bad pregnancy sleep" season has begun for me, so a nap is a must!)
and then head outside for the evening.


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