Baby #4 // Maternity Pictures

I was super excited to have my friend, Stiches by Sarah, take my maternity photos this go 'round.
She recently started up her own photography business and was in need of a pregnant model-
hello... I look pretty pregnant, if you ask me!

She helped me by taking my pics,
and I helped her by modeling her new line of maternity dresses.
It was a win-win!
After four pregnancies, you begin to run out of ideas for maternity pictures.
I was in need of a little "Sarah" inspiration.

The day was super windy, so my hair was a bit unruly,
but it really made the dresses look beautiful and flowy!
If you are in the Kansas City area, give 
Dandelions & Dumptrucks Photography a call!


  1. You are stunning! Second to last one is my favorite.

  2. Absolutely beautiful!
    You should REALLY post a video tutorial of how you curl your hair. I just cut mine like yours and don't know how to style it! PLEASE! :)

  3. Beautiful!! Almost there! :)