Baby Bump // 36 Week Update

Well, here we are.  One week closer to meeting our little lady.
I have resorted to elastic-only waistbands and my husband's athletic shorts.
 If I hear someone telling me how cute I am-
you can be sure it is a Sunday, 
because that is the only day that I am dressed half-way presentable.

I have my moments where 3/4 weeks seems like an eternity,
but then there are times that it seems like it is so close.
I am trying to soak up every minute and not wish it away.
I spend my quiet time imagining what she looks like and how she will be-
hopefully a good sleeper. :)

We have Guinnyth moved in with Ella and I have been 
beginning preparations for the baby's arrival.
After a day of pushing my body too far,
I was up from 1-3 with contractions.
I knew it was false labor, but it was still quite painful.
As I was laying on the couch,
I thought, "I might want to get my hospital bag packed."
So, packing, little-by-little, is what I have been doing.
I know this is my fourth pregnancy,
but I still forget what to pack.

I have continued walking, just slower and not as far.
I have so much to do at home,
and I can't afford to use all my energy on a walk.
This is the last "official" baby bump photo.
The next picture will be at the hospital before I go in for delivery.
It's been a sweet journey...


  1. You look amazing & so close!!! Best of luck little mama!

  2. Praying for you as your delivery draws close! You look fantastic and like you're ready to take on the world! I always looked sapped of energy by the end. ;)