Motherhood Mondays // Baby Heart Prep

Oh, my momma's heart is doing a lot of soul searching and heart prep as we
physically prepare for our little girl to join our family.
I have been day dreaming about the first moments with her and how sweet they will be.
I dream about having her little downy head snuggled in the crook of my neck. 
There is so much to soak up when you have a new baby.

With all that excitement comes the realization that things, the flow, in our home will be changing.
I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit anxious about it all.
It is part of my "structured" personality- the inability to flex when life demands it.
The transition that takes place when you add a new life into the home also leaves some uncertainty.

How will my baby (at the time) transition into being the big girl?
Will she feel slided?
Will I be able to juggle it all while unconscionably sleep deprived?
Will the baby nurse well and sleep well?
How will the big kids handle the lack of attention that comes with a demanding newborn?

These are all questions that, I know, will work themselves out.
It isn't that I expect life to tick-tock away just like it always has.
I realize there is change,
but the unknowns that come with those first few weeks- months- 
keep me a little on edge.

Bedroom changes. Extra, little clothes to wash. New bath towels. Tiny diapers mixed in with big diapers.
I think about what's to come and can barely contain my excitement.
It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, every time you bring a baby into the world.
Wow. How amazing is it all when you really sit back and reflect?

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