Motherhood Mondays // Child's Play


I have written about how I love slow and simple living.
I enjoy days that aren't filled with tons of noise and busyness.
I have had some reader interest in what toys we love the most at our house.
To be honest, Mark and I are kind of anti-electronics.

We don't let the kids have very much screen time, whether it's tv or iPad.
Our kids don't have leapsters or their own electronics.
I do allow the kids to use educational apps during school twice a week.
It is enough that they are familiar with how things work, but not enough that they 
become addicted and beg to play all the time.

We have tried allowing more liberal use of electronics, 
and all that happens is arguing about who's turn it is and 
begging unceasingly for more time with the device-
not worth it in my book.

My kids do a lot of pretend play-
mommy and daddy, tiger family, farmer, pirates, etc.
After naptime/rest time,
I have toys laid out for the kids to play with for 30 minutes.
They play as they eat their snack and then we put them away and move on to something else.

My kids play with blocks, puzzles, magnets, lacing beads, 
pattern blocks, bean bucket, coloring/decorating wooden trucks and birdhouses, etc.
Ella loves to draw and color, so she often chooses to do that instead.
I try to make sure that it is an activity that allows creativity and exploration.
The kids love this and are so used to it, 
there is no begging for the TV or iPad.

It is important that our kids know how to use technology,
but if it disturbs our day and the flow of our family,
it's no longer worth it.
There will be a time for a good deal of technology,
but for now... we stick with toys that don't beep and make lots of noise.

What toys do your kids love to play with?
What is your family philosophy about electronics?

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