The Happenings

Summer has officially begun for us. 
We finished up school for the year and have been soaking up every minute of the last week.
Ella and Liam did so great this year and it has me hopeful about next year.
 I have been printing and organizing work for summer school.
It is going to be laid back and easy, but hopefully, will help us keep our skills sharpened.

We have had VBS in the mornings, scarfed lunch down, rested for a few hours, and then headed outside.
The sprinkler has been going full force since our temps have been in the 80s.  
It is such a nice change from the long winter we had this year.
The big kids love the sprinkler, but Guinnyth still isn't so sure about the spraying water.
She gets close and then one of the kids gets excited and shoves her into the water, 
which doesn't help her timidity toward it.

My belly is growing.
We will be 35 weeks tomorrow and I am so excited to get to finally count down.
I am still walking 5 days a week (this week I only did 4, but I still consider that good),
and the babe is still stretching me.
I always try to have a good attitude when pregnant, but I get to this point and begin losing my patience.
I am trying very hard to enjoy every movement, hiccup, and jab since this will be my last time
experiencing being pregnant.
Images of the labor and delivery are beginning to creep into my head daily,
and I have to push them aside so I don't get nervous about what's to come.
I am just so excited to meet her and see her sweet face.
It's almost more than I can take.

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