Living on One Income // Guest Post

I started reading blogs many years ago.
I remember when I stumbled upon Feathers in Our Nest 
and how I felt an instant connection with Aliesha.
Since then, Aliesha and I have created a sweet, supportive relationship
through the blog world.
I am super excited to let her tell her story about living on one income 
and what it looks like for her family.


Thank you, Liz, for allowing me to be a part of your Living on One Income series!  I have been blessed by what you have written so far!

Before Tad and I were married, we planned that I would stay at home with our children.  At the time it was pretty much a "given" for us.  We knew that it was important to instill our values into our children and to care for them each day, sheltering them from the negative influences of the world while they were still little.

So the decision to stay at home was not difficult, but we have definitely faced trying seasons since that point.  Finances have always been tough, with Tad's small income barely covering the bills and requiring him to get a second part-time job.  Certainly there are people who may have thought that I should go to work to help take pay our family's bills, but that was not our conviction.  We saw God provide for us in amazing ways, so we know He blessed our decision.  We are, thankfully, at a better place financially now, but we still live frugally (cloth diapering, cooking from scratch, buying used, etc.).

The other challenging part of living on one income is the loneliness that I have faced at times due to staying at home all day most days.  When Vera was little (actually, until she was 18 months old), we only had one car that Tad took to work each day, so I was at home all the time.  Even once we had two vehicles, our finances were so tight that having gas money to go to play dates or to story time wasn't even an option most weeks.  Now, with three little ones, just taking everyone somewhere seems like a HUGE job, so we still stay home a lot!  God has been so faithful to meet my emotional needs as well and to give grace to this social butterfly in seasons of isolation!

I know there are many who would love to stay at home but haven't figured out how to make that happen yet.  I encourage you to pray for wisdom if this is your heart's desire.  If you're married but don't have children yet and you want to stay at home when you do have your first baby, I encourage you to practice living on one income now.  Use your income to pay down student loans, pay for one-time purchases, save, and bless others.  Then, when the time comes to quit your job, you will already be used to living under your husband's income.

Living on one income takes sacrifice, since it feels like so few people today are doing that, but it's so, SO worth it.  Being with my children all day, every day really is a blessing that I do not take for granted!  I know of many women who would love to be in my shoes.  I am so thankful for God's grace in each and every season!

Aliesha is a stay-at-home wife and mom with three precious blessings ages three and under. Her blog home is Feathers In Our Nest, where she writes about family, ministry, food, and frugal living. Aliesha loves to read, shop thrift stores, drink coffee, and cook for her “foodie” husband.

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  1. When we were either engaged or newly married we got some of the best advice we've ever received from a couple in our church. They encouraged us to live on only one of our incomes so that we didn't get comfortable living on two, since our desire was for me to be home with our children. We decided to do as soon as there were two incomes. The first year we were married, my husband was in school so I was the sole bread winner. The second year we were both working and we decided to put my entire income toward paying off my student loans and we were able to pay them off fully one month before my daughter was born! I am so thankful that we purposed to live off of one income even when we had two. We never got used to having luxuries, and we put our money toward something that would make living on one income easier in the future! So I love that advice, Aliesha!