Our Sweet Julia Faire

Our Sweet Julia Faire
Born @ 1:51 PM on July 4, 2014
7lbs. 12oz.

She came on the Fourth of July!
We got a call early that morning telling us that they wanted us to come in and be induced.
We rushed around and called my mom to come stay at the house since the kids wouldn't be waking for several more hours.

When we arrived at the hospital, we got all checked into our room and began monitoring Julia and myself.
Julia has never liked having pressure on her, 
so the belt they used to keep the heart monitor on my belly was not suiting her.
Her heart rate was sky high and they couldn't induce without her slowing it down.

-7:30 AM-
Since I was dialated some and already thinning out,
they decided to break my water and attach a monitor to her head instead of using the belt.

Instantly, her heart rate went down to the 150s and it was smooth sailing from there.

For some reason, the hospital doesn't like women to walk the halls (what?!?!  That was silly, if you ask me).
I got a pregnancy ball and sat, rolled, swiveled on that for hours. 
It wasn't even close to being as productive as walking as far as helping me work through labor.
I just prefer walking and being on my feet when I labor.

  I breathed through the contractions and began to vocalize.
I could tell that things were progressing quickly.
They checked me and I was only a 3 or 4,
but was 90% effaced, which is good progress.
The contractions were getting pretty intense, but were still manageable.
 I was so physically drained from not sleeping much (insomnia- yuck!) the entire ninth month of my pregnancy, and was pretty emotionally drained from a series of events that took place the day before my induction.
With those factors taken into consideration, I decided I didn't have it in me to continue without pain meds.
I have had two labors without pain medication, so I knew how intense it was, 
and I didn't feel up to it (I know... I took the chicken exit!).

-1:00 to 1:30 PM-
They gave me the epidural and checked me immediately following and I was
an 8 and completely effaced.
I knew I was so close and had they checked me prior to the epidural,
I am certain they wouldn't have let me get one since I was so far along.
The fifteen minutes leading up to the epi, 
I kept looking at Mark and telling him they weren't going to make it.
I knew things were moving very quickly and that she would be making her entrance very soon!

-1:45 PM-
I told the nurse that I had a ton of pressure and it was time to push.
The room transformed,
I had one contraction that I pushed three times during and she was born.

This was the first time I watch my baby being born (no mirrors, just saw her coming out).
It was so neat to see her little head and watch her body be delivered.
With Ella, I pushed for so long and was so tired from labor that I pretty much fell asleep in between contractions.
With Liam and Guinnyth, the labor was so intense that my eyes were closed during the pushing because I was trying to focus.
This time, I was relaxed and things happened quickly, so I wasn't exhausted.

She is beautiful, and healthy and we are doing well!


  1. Beautiful birth story! Julia is so lovely. Congratulations again!

  2. Awesome birth story! I'm glad things went so well for you, Mama!

  3. Wonderful! :) God bless and enjoy these early days! :) x

  4. Yay! Congratulations! Love her name :)

  5. I don't think you took the chicken exit! You knew where you were and what you were feeling, and because of that you were able to be relaxed when your baby was born. I'm sure you read as much as I do about really traumatic births, and that's not good for anyone involved.