Homeschool // Preparation

I have been planning and scheduling like a boss this past week.
I always have a sense of excitement mixed with fear the weeks leading up to our "official" start date.
I know it will go fine, but a little voice speaks fear into me.
Last year was so amazing and we all had a great year (there were hard days/weeks, but for the most part it was a total success!).
I am hopeful and in prayer about this school year.

Ella is using ABeka for her phonics (language, spelling, writing, reading) this year 
and Horizons for math.  We decided to go with Expedition Earth for geography (by and stick with Heart of Dakota for history and science.

Liam is using ABeka for phonics and math (ABC-123 workbook and Writing notebook).
He will follow along with Ella on Expedition Earth and with Heart of Dakota.

We will be using The Dig (digging in Luke this year) for our Bible curriculum.
All three older kids will be involved in this.

We are getting really excited and after seeing so many "back to school" pics,
we are even more anxious to begin.
I decided early on to wait until Julia was 8 weeks old to begin our school year.
That will give me time to have her in a flexible schedule 
and hopefully be getting a few consecutive hours of sleep per night.

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  1. I feel you with the whole baby thing!! Its such a balancing act when the baby comes, but you can do it! There have been many days in the last year where we just stop while we're ahead and read together or something. Now my baby is one---and she's into everything!! Feeling a little anxious myself!