Motherhood Monday // The Happenings

It has been an exciting and exhausting past month.
I have been soaking up my four little ones and trying to get into a groove.
I have been itching to sit down and write a few posts,
but every time I do,
my mind goes blank and all I want to do is take a nap.
So, that's a good sign that I just need to sit, type, and get back to blogging.

We spent much of July simply learning how to be a family of six.
I focused on feeding my kids, sleeping whenever possible, and trying not to worry about the mounds of laundry piling up.
Yesterday, Mark finally said, "I think I need to help you get the laundry under control."
Ya... maybe I do need your help. :)

When August hit, I knew I needed to start setting some small goals for myself
and work on getting our home back to normal.
The two older kids began doing their "Morning Workbooks" every day for school.
They like being in a flexible routine, too.
I made grocery lists and took the kids to get groceries
 (on tax-free weekend, I might add, not a wise choice!).
I cooked meals every day (so far) and made sure the house was tidy.
The kids and I began our cleaning routine again,
although, it isn't as intense as it was prior to Julia's arrival.
Still, it helps keep our house from being a stye!

We will continue to add school tasks to our schedule little by little this month.
In September we start school full-time.
I have been lesson planning and preparing like a mad-woman.
It feels so good to accomplish things and check them off of my list.

My hope is to get back into a blogging routine as well.
It seems once I stop, it is hard for me to start up again.
I have some notes jotted down for posts and some reader requests that I need to tackle in the next month,
so hopefully that will help me get back to it!

Happy Monday!!

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  1. These pictures are GORGEOUS!

    I adore your style and I adore your blog and I adore the way you run your house. Go girl!