Precious Guinnyth // 2nd Birthday

Our sweet Guinnyth turned two this month!
It is so much fun celebrating special occasions with these little people.
They get so excited to spoil each other and share in the joy.

Two years ago, I was transitioning our family from a family of four, to a family of five.
It was overwhelming, but our little Guinn-Guinn was such a great baby that
it made it pretty seamless.

I learned to walk through the Target parking lot with three kiddos.
I learned how to grocery shop with one, sometimes two, children walking beside the cart instead of everyone being inside the cart.
I learned to do head counts every time we entered and exited the vehicle.
I learned to cook with one on the chair next to me, one on the counter, and one strapped to my body.
We filled Guinnyth's birthday with "happy birthdays" all day long
and cake and gifts.
Her grandparents came in the evening and showered her with presents and hugs.
Life would be so dull without you, sweet Guinnyth.
You have stretched me so much as a momma and I am so glad The Lord saw fit to give you to us.
I wouldn't smile even a fraction of what I do now.
I wouldn't have a babe to help me put my makeup on in the mornings for church.
I wouldn't get to cuddle you after every naptime.
So much would be missing... we are so blessed to have you!


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