The Dog Days of Motherhood

 Motherhood is priceless.
We spend months preparing for each little one to enter into our lives.
Once they get here, we search for normalcy.
We hold on to the fleeting moments of those first few weeks,
trying to see through the fog and exhaustion so we don't forget anything.

They are hard times, but good times.
It's tough to lay your head down on the pillow only to force it to rise an hour later.
Hard times.
When you finally stumble to the crib, you smell the sweet scent of newborn
as it settles into the crook of your arm, and somehow it all feels right.
Good times.

This is my last experience with a newborn.
A bittersweet realization.
No more kicking baby in my belly.
No more anticipation of his/her arrival.
No more picking of names and painting of nurseries.
No more puffed up pride when I push through labor and hold the babe in my arms.
No more... just this-
A future filled with laughter and sweet, chubby armed hugs.
Snotty noses pressed on my cheek
and spaghetti hands printed on the back of my shirt.
Pitter patters coming down the hallway
and little fingers under the bathroom door.
Constant, "Mommy, did you see that," or "Mommy, what is that,"
as we drive down the road.
Precious, little thumb sucking babes snuggled in on the couch next to me.
This is the sweet side of where I am at right now.
We are so excited to have a vision for our family.
It is nice to picture road trips and know who will fill the back seats.
It is a lovely thought to experience all six of us crammed on a bed reading The Word.  
Hearing little voices talk about people's hearts- their hearts.
Their concern for the eternity of those they love most.
They get it.
I really think they do.
They get what it means to care for others and that there is something more than meets the eye.
If only I could get it a little better.
We have four little bodies- four little souls
which we were given to care for.
I am so blessed to have the privilege of praying over these little ones.
Oh, Lord, that I might not fumble and mess up too much.
Fill my grace cup to the rim.

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