31 Days // A Beautiful Life

Last year I joined The Nester in a blog challenge
to write every day for 31 days
I only wrote ten posts last year,
so this year I am prepared and ready 
to share with y'all every day this month.

With four kiddos and school to compete with,
I knew that this year I needed an easy topic.
Welcome to...

"31 Days of BEAUTIFUL life!"

I will share one picture every (week) day
that, to me, is a good example of life's simple beauty.
I am looking forward to joining hundreds of other bloggers
in this "31 days" challenge.

Reach High
Be Creative
Feet, Poufs, and Books
Soak It Up
Baby in a Basket
Sharing Space
Watering & Watching
Blowing Through
Coos & Kicks
Keep "Em Together


  1. I love the idea of posting everyday. I think it helps us see the beauty in the everyday when we're actually taking the time to look for it. I love your blog and I'm looking forward to getting to know you through this medium. www.aleandtere.com