Homemaking // Sorting, Purging, and Moving On


I finally did it.
I can check it off of my list of things to do before school starts (ummm... today!),
and move forward.

I went through my kids' toys.
It was not a fun process since I had to make a huge mess before 
it began to look tidy again.
I was overwhelmed by the disaster it created and almost wanted to wave the white flag in surrender,
but I stayed the course and finished.

Wow, our kids are spoiled.
We don't even buy them much,
but little by little it all accumulates until it is one big "mountain of selfishness."
Our kids, they don't need all this stuff to clutter their lives.
They don't need that many choices when they are thinking about what to do with their time.
 It is so good for them to learn to do with less.

The crazy thing is, they don't even ask for those toys that I purged (aside from Ella asking for her video camera which was broken and I wasn't going to fix).
They barely even noticed the toys were gone.
I guess the "mountain of selfishness" that came in the form of loads of toys was 
even so overwhelming for them that they failed to notice when the mountain 
became a mole hill.  

We are all breathing better.
I can walk into their rooms without holding my breath and squinting my eyes
in hopes that it will make the mess appear smaller.
They are playing better with what they have and not fighting over a zhu-zhu pet that is pink when we have about five more in the closet.
Ahhh... I can breath.

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  1. Lol! Yep! I've already started the process but I need to get SERIOUS. I think maybe a daddy daughter park date needs to happen so I can purge it all without her noticing.