Motherhood Monday // Creating Relationships

We are just like every other family.
We have kids who don't always get along.
It is a bummer to witness your little people bickering,
but it is a matter of life.
They are individuals and don't always see eye-to-eye.

As a mommy,
it is important for me to help them resolve their issues.
That is so hard for me sometimes.
Not only am I a sinner who doesn't always see things in the right light,
but in many instances,
I didn't witness the situation 
so I don't always know what the right answer should be.

Bottom line,
I want my kids to enjoy each other.
I want them to play together and share memories.
During those "messy" times,
I try to bring in God's Word and
encourage forgiveness.

Even if someone doesn't feel validated in the situation,
forgiveness and grace is more important than validation.

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