Motherhood Monday // Early Riser

I touched on getting my morning routine going in this post.
Ever since having Julia, I have been so lazy in the mornings.
We started school two weeks ago,
so I needed to have some incentive for getting my tired fanny out of bed.

  • Special Treat:  One of the biggest things for me is to have something to look forward to when I get up.  For me, that is coffee.  I love drinking coffee in the mornings and just the thought of it helps to motivate me (I know... sad, huh?).
  • Quiet Time:  I desperately need this time to get my heart and mind ready.  Satan often helps me make excuses as to why this time isn't important.  I have to audibly pray for strength and focus so this time isn't done in vain.  I don't want to simply read words or babble to God, I want it to be impactful- that takes focus.  When I have priorities in order, my days flow so much better.   
  • Time Incentive:  Another incentive is after my quiet time, I get to enjoy a few minutes on my blog, instagram, or Pinterest.  I limit heavily my morning time on the computer/phone while the kids are awake.  And, during school, it is off limits unless Mark calls or texts.  Getting up earlier means I get more time doing those things I enjoy prior to the kids waking. 
  • Less Stress:  When I am laying in bed at 5:45 talking myself into and out of getting up, I remind myself how much nicer mornings are when I am up and smiling at the kids when they come into the kitchen, rather than shooing them away as I lay in bed.  I love having the table set and everything prepared when the kids come for breakfast.  I like to have my clothes on, bed made, and coffee brewed before they scamper up to eat.  Many times, this is enough push to get me to get up!
I would love to know some motivators that help you rise and shine!


  1. Such great reasons! I got up at 5 this me time to read a few blogs! Yay! I might be tired and not want to get up, but I'm always glad I did.

  2. All of these are great points and so awesome, but I'm still not very good at doing it!