Motherhood Monday // Prayer, My Heart Needs It

Sometimes, I don't think I realize that He is more than I can imagine.
That the creator of the heavens and the Earth is so much more than I can fathom.
It is such a magnificent thought, yet it scares me a bit, too.

Mark and I attend a small group Bible study at our church,
and we love meeting and studying God's Word.
As we study, I realize how much Paul talks about prayer.
He prays non-stop- in. every. thing!

I love reading my Bible.
Three years ago (in June) I made a pact with myself to at least pick up the Bible every single day.
I only missed a few days of being in the Word that year,
and my walk with God changed completely by doing so.
Now, three years later, I crave being in God's Word. 
I don't have to force myself to open it,
and I find that the more I read, the more I gain wisdom from it.

Then, there is the prayer part of the relationship.
I pray.  
If I tell you I will/am praying for you... you bet'cha I am going to do it!
My problem is quieting my mind and my heart long enough to really feel the Lord's presence.
He is so much more than we can imagine.
There is no way I can experience him when my prayer life doesn't consist of time on my knees,
marveling at Him and who He is.

My goal this next year (I know it is almost September, but I am starting now anyway) 
is to quiet myself every single day and spend time talking with God.
I have seen what being in the Word has done for my understanding of the Bible 
and how it has equipped me to do God's work,
but I am ready to couple that with deep, thoughtful, open prayer- every day.

I will still stop throughout my day and pray for those things/people who fall on my heart,
but I am going to set aside time (when I'm not dead tired and about to fall asleep),
when I can be fully present at the feet of Him.


  1. Wow Liz! This is wonderful. I too, have been reading the Bible just about everyday this year. It's amazing what life lessons we find in there. You have encouraged me to add the prayer (real discussions with Jesus) to my daily devotions.
    Thank you for your post today. It helped me :)

  2. I love this post! I, too, have found that the commitment to being in the Word and in prayer with Him throughout the day has made a difference in all areas of my life. So glad I linked up next to you on Cornerstone Confessions. ~Heather @ My Overflowing Cup

  3. I missed this when you wrote it but saw it via your latest post... so much of this resonates true with me. Thanks for the encouragement :) I too am trying to read more of His Word... and to pray in all things! I'm trying to use the late night nursing sessions to read my Bible and to pray. It's such a peaceful time and I love playing over my kiddies and hubby as they sleep. Feels powerful to be with God while the rest of the house is snoozing. :)