Motherhood Mondays // Good Mornings

As I sit here and type this blog post, 
I have two kiddos squished behind me in the computer chair.
It seems crazy that my entire day,
aside from when they're asleep,
is spent with little helpers following me around.
I have six little hands that I have the job of making busy.

Now that school has begun,
our time for play is cut short from day to day.
We have "mind work" to do every morning
and that takes up a lot of time.

I am setting goals for myself.
With my mornings spent in school work
I have limited time for housework.
And, with little hands always wanting to help,
it makes the housework go a little bit slower.

My goals, besides my personal prayer goal I talked about earlier, are simple.
I desire to get up earlier.
I have been squeezing in as much sleep in the mornings as possible.
With nursing at all hours of the night,
it makes it easy for me to convince myself that staying in bed
until 7:30 is all right.

My mornings are a precious time.
I love mornings and I always feel very productive in the mornings.
It is quiet and still and is a great time to get my mind set on the right things.
That time needs to be filled with the Lord, getting breakfast prepared, 
readying myself for the day ahead.
In order to do that,
I need to get up way earlier than 7:30!

Before Julia,
I was rising around six to start my day,
but that has been long gone.
It is time that I start setting goals for my mornings and making them happen.

I would love to know how you spend your mornings.
Do you rise early, or are you most productive in the evenings?


  1. I am definitely an evening producer!! Abigail is finally in bed around 9 and that's when I get most of my work done + some quality time with Jim.

    Mornings? Oh heck no.

  2. I'm finding it hard to do mornings or night times productively at the moment. Our #3 is only 3 weeks old so nursing through the night and dealing with the other two all day!! Eep! So I'm keen to follow along with your latest ventures too!! :) Be kind and easy on yourself... this season will pass and your productivity will return! xx