Three Cats and a Combine

We spent the entire evening trick-or-treating at friends' and family's houses. 
The kids had a blast parading around in their costumes.
I even allowed them to overeat on candy and stay out way too late.

I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!
Have a lovely weekend.

DIY // Feather Headband

I made a headband for Guinnyth's two year pictures
and I knew I would have people asking where it was from
or how to make one,
so I went ahead wrote a post up to answer questions.
This was a very quick and easy project that cost around $6.
There are leftover supplies, so I could make five or six headbands, if I wanted.
Supplies you will need:
Metallic Gold Ribbon
Small strip of Felt
Craft Glue
Small Piece of Elastic
Needle and Thread
First, measure the ribbon around the child's head and cut one inch smaller than the head circumference.  By cutting the ribbon slightly smaller, it allows us to attach elastic to the headband later without it being too big for the child.

You will then glue the feathers onto the back of the ribbon, centering the feathers in the center of the ribbon, with the craft glue.
Glue the small strip of felt to the backside of the feathers to keep the headband from rubbing the child's forehead.
Let the glue dry for an hour, or so.
Then, trim the bottoms of the feathers so they don't hang over the bottom of the ribbon.

Lastly, you will take an inch and a half of elastic in length (make sure the elastic is not wider than the ribbon you are using) and sew it to the ribbon so there is some give and stretch to the headband.
This allows the headband to slide on and off easily.

I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial!

The Happenings

Life here has been predictable.
We have been enjoying our normal routine-
morning breakfasts together, school time around the school table, reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, spending oodles of time outside enjoying the amazing weather, capturing wooly worms which then spun their cocoons right before our eyes, trips to Gammy & Gamp's house, and early bedtimes from being worn out.

The new thing this week has been potty training our sweet Guinnyth.
I will be the absolute first to raise my hand when asked,
"Who thinks potty training is the worst part of motherhood?"
I am a self-proclaimed potty training hater.
I don't know if it's the fact that there is a crazy amount of messes happening every fifteen minutes,
or that I get nothing else accomplished besides cleaning those messes that makes it 
a less than desirable experience for me, but I clearly do not enjoy potty training.
In fact, I have asked my sister-in-law to come do it for me.
She thinks I am joking- but, I am not.

I use the 3-day method and it is miserable.
I spend a great deal of time pouring fluids into Guinnyth so I have plenty of 
opportunities to teach her how to go in the potty (and not all over my floor, couch, or her siblings).
She is doing great, but this momma still holds firm...
potty training stinks!

Mark has been enjoying this World Series since the Royals are playing.
I sit next to him and smile as he jumps and hollers.
I might do some "shushing" when he gets too crazy- maybe. :)
He isn't a huge sports fanatic and we don't watch hardly any
since we don't have cable or satellite, but he did purchase the World Series through Hulu
so he could watch it.  It was a well-spent $10 for him.

We are preparing for hunting season.
He hasn't had time to squeeze in a lick of it yet,
so we both look forward to him getting out in the timber.
I, sometimes, feel like I need just an hour to myself to take a shower, clean a bit, or even blog.
I know he needs his time to decompress
and since he doesn't ask for much, I gladly oblige.

That's what has been happening in our neck of the woods.
What are y'all up to?

31 Days // Blessings Abound

Blessings abound in this home in the form of little pitter-pattering feet, the smell of supper simmering on the stove-top, blanket-wrapped babes on the couch, and the changing of the leaves outside.

This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.

31 Days // Gathering Wisdom

Life giving words that renew a weary momma.

This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.

Home Decor // Master Bedroom

When we moved into our current house, 
I was all about the warm, southern hues.
I swam in sage green and cocoa paint chips
until I found the perfect shade for our walls.

Since then,
my taste has changed... drastically (as you can see by my Pinterest boards).
I am fairly certain that my husband and mom
were wondering what was happening to me when I requested
grey/blue in our dining room and white walls in our master bedroom.

Well, you all know how my dining room turned schoolroom turned out- perfection!
Now I am going to share my unfinished Master Bedroom updo.
We purchased paint for this room.
And, until this past weekend, that was it.
We did make a quick trip to Ikea where I enjoyed my first "Ikea experience" and came
home with a few wares for our room.

I took the room from a very warm, southwestern look
to a cool, rustic look.

Just so you can see how far it's come... the Before picture:

The change is just what I needed. 
Right after we painted the walls white,
I woke up feeling lively and ready to tackle the day.
The warm walls that we had before made me want to stay in bed 
and cuddle my covers all morning.

Now, I get to look forward to decorating
and putting a few more touches on my perfectly white walls.

31 Days // Unexpected Blessings

Seven years ago, I had no idea how much of an unexpected blessing a long shower would be.
Very rarely do I get to enjoy pruny hands.

This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.

31 Days // Quiet

I always know what you are up to when you are quiet...
you are in another room quietly extracting each and every sweet treat in that little box.

 This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.

Motherhood Monday // Kids & Disagreements

As the older two kids have gotten older,
disagreements seem to happen a little more regularly.
Typically, they are rather silly (in my opinion) and are fairly short lived,
but others seem to linger a little longer.

I have a firm rule that when the kids come to me with an issue,
I first quiet them down and listen to one side of the story at a time.
Each party is silent as the other dishes to momma their series of events.
Quite often, I have to bite my cheek to keep myself from giggling
because they are so stinkin' cute and animated as they tell their stories.
But, even when I make my ruling as to who is right, and wrong,
 usually someone walks away unhappy.

That's when I enacted the 
"When in doubt, hug it out" Act of 2014.
We don't really call it that, but for all intents and purposes,
that is what it is.
It goes like this...
I help to resolve the issue,
and then I make them hug and squeeze each other until they are both laughing and 
have no recollection of why they came to me in the first place.

They will scamper off with a whole new lease on life.
I dare you to try it and come back and tell me if it worked for you!
The key is to tell them to,
"keep squeezing,"
"don't let him/her get away from ya,"
"squeeze harder, etc"
to make it more fun for them.

Works every time...

Note: I use this for silly situations, such as, "He used MY toothpaste and squeezed it all over his toothbrush
instead of using HIS own toothpaste." Or, take this for example, "She told me that I am littler than she is and that my shirt is a toddler shirt (which is true- dude is in denial that he isn't as old as she is simply because he is almost as big as she is size-wise)." I wouldn't use the Hugging Act of 2014 when there was/is a  real "heart issue" at hand.

31 Days // Keep 'em Together

I am completely smitten with these two.
So different, yet drawn to one another.

 This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.

31 Days // Coos and Kicks

These are some of my favorites- coos and kicks.

 This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.

Weekend Links // New Platform, Mom Blogs, & a Recipe

Have you heard about the newest social media platform-
If you are thinking that the last thing you want to do is invest time 
into another social media platform, hear me out.
Tsu {pronounced Sue} is unlike Facebook and Pinterest.
You can actually make money by sharing the platform and interacting.
All you have to do is post-
just like you post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
If I have piqued your interest, check it out:

 If you have ever been interested in starting a blog,
here is some valuable info from a fellow blogger who has been blogging
for years.

This recipe is one I must try soon!
We have so many recipes that we love that use sausage.
It would be nice to have a healthy alternative.

Have a lovely weekend!
Share some of your favorite links with us in the comments!!

31 Days // Routine

This.  Every week. 
As we listen to "Oceans" by Hillsong & prepare for battle.

 This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.

DIY // Homemade Printables

I love looking at all the inspirational printables on the web.
I sometimes think I could cover my walls with them and be perfectly happy.
My kiddos also love seeing their own artwork hung up in our home.
I decided to marry the two ideas and have my kids create their own printables.
I also have a "toddler tip" at the end of the post,
so make sure you check it out!

Here's how I did it:
 (forgive the photos... it was almost dark outside, so the lighting was less than desirable)

You will need
Card Stock (or a linen-type paper)
Watercolor Paints (we use Prang)
Watercolor Brushes
Computer and Printer

 I told the kids to do more of an "abstract" painting.
I didn't want any real design or picture since I knew I would be printing words on top of the paint.

I reminded the kids how to use the paints and keep their brush clean so the artwork wasn't 
one big blob of yucky, brown-ish paint.
They sat at the table and had a great time making their paintings.


I let the paint dry overnight and then printed the words on them.
They are a little rippled from the water,
but once you frame them you can't see the ripples as much.
I am guessing that if you used proper watercolor paper it wouldn't ripple as badly, 
but I didn't want to spend any money on the project, so we went with card stock.

I plan on framing their printables and using them in a wall collage,
but for right now, they hang above their coloring table.
I even made my own picture with oil pastels as they painted.

This is such an easy art project that introduces abstract paintings and watercolors to kids.

Toddler Tip:
While the older kids painted with watercolors,
I had Guinnyth create a "wet chalk" painting.  
She had a paintbrush and small bowl of water.
She made wet marks on her paper with her brush and then colored over them with chalk.
She had a blast and I didn't have to worry about her making a huge mess.

31 Days // Blowing

I love feeling and smelling fall.  There is something different about the fall air.  I can smell the crispness and feel the change that is happening.

 This post is part of my 31 Days of Beautiful Life with The Nester.