DIY // Homemade Printables

I love looking at all the inspirational printables on the web.
I sometimes think I could cover my walls with them and be perfectly happy.
My kiddos also love seeing their own artwork hung up in our home.
I decided to marry the two ideas and have my kids create their own printables.
I also have a "toddler tip" at the end of the post,
so make sure you check it out!

Here's how I did it:
 (forgive the photos... it was almost dark outside, so the lighting was less than desirable)

You will need
Card Stock (or a linen-type paper)
Watercolor Paints (we use Prang)
Watercolor Brushes
Computer and Printer

 I told the kids to do more of an "abstract" painting.
I didn't want any real design or picture since I knew I would be printing words on top of the paint.

I reminded the kids how to use the paints and keep their brush clean so the artwork wasn't 
one big blob of yucky, brown-ish paint.
They sat at the table and had a great time making their paintings.


I let the paint dry overnight and then printed the words on them.
They are a little rippled from the water,
but once you frame them you can't see the ripples as much.
I am guessing that if you used proper watercolor paper it wouldn't ripple as badly, 
but I didn't want to spend any money on the project, so we went with card stock.

I plan on framing their printables and using them in a wall collage,
but for right now, they hang above their coloring table.
I even made my own picture with oil pastels as they painted.

This is such an easy art project that introduces abstract paintings and watercolors to kids.

Toddler Tip:
While the older kids painted with watercolors,
I had Guinnyth create a "wet chalk" painting.  
She had a paintbrush and small bowl of water.
She made wet marks on her paper with her brush and then colored over them with chalk.
She had a blast and I didn't have to worry about her making a huge mess.

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