Homeschool // Toddler Activities

Man, little hands make lots of work sometimes.
I have to have a few activities in my arsenal,
especially during school mornings,
to keep my toddler busy.
I thought I would share a few of the best toddler activities that 
I have found for Guinnyth to do during the busy mornings.  

Let me be clear,
I didn't come up with these on my own.
Full credit goes to Pinterest.
Check out my boards to find the sources for these ideas
and many more.
What I love most is that I had to spend $0 on these activities.
I had all the supplies at home,
which is a major plus!

* First off, let's look at the 
"poke a hole in the top of a canister and stick q-tips into the holes" activity.
The Q-Tip activity is so easy 
and keeps kiddos entertained for quite awhile.
Most of us have an empty cool whip container
and q-tips (or tooth picks for older toddlers).
This is an easy game to whip up for any kiddo.
Another idea for added coordination is to have your
toddler put beads into the holes to help improve their
pincer grasp!

*Next, I bring you the "colander" activity.
Give 'em a colander and pipe cleaners for at least 
15 minutes of fun!
Guinnyth loved sticking them in the holes.
For older toddlers,
have them weave the pipe cleaners through the holes!

*"Egg Carton and Pom Poms"
Simply hold onto an old egg carton and throw some pom poms in the lid.
Kiddos can make patterns,
sort colors,
drop one pompom in a hole at a time to work on coordination.
For older toddlers,
number (or put ABCs) the compartments and have them put a pom pom in a
specific hole.

*Lastly, I bring you "birdhouse painting,"
except, there is no paint involved!
It is a real treat for Guinnyth to be able to use markers,
so she couldn't care less about paint.
I offer her crayons first, and then when she gets bored with those
I whip out the markers and it's like brand new all over again!
This bird house was $1 at JoAnn's.
You can snatch up little wooden cars, face masks, and other wooden objects
to have them decorate.
For older toddlers,
give them gems that have "sticky" on the back and let them bling it out!


There you have it!
4 of the best, cheapest toddler activities!


  1. Adorable ideas and my daughter would enjoy every single one! Thanks for sharing this week on the #SHINEbloghop!

    1. yes! i hope she loves them and you get a few minutes to sip coffee. ;)

  2. Great ideas! My daughter is obsessed with q-tips so I will definitely be using our container for that activity today!

    1. so simple and easy!!! try it and let me know how she likes it!

  3. I love all of these! I have most of these things, so I should really get them together for the little guy to play with! Thanks for sharing, I'll have to check out your Pinterest board too -it is amazing all of the things you can find there :)

    1. yes! there are more ideas on my pinterest board. i bet he will love them!

  4. Great ideas! I'm going to try the pom pom's and the egg carton activity with my son today!
    Amy @

    1. a simple way to use something that would otherwise get tossed! enjoy!

  5. Wow I love these ideas! I'm always looking for self entertaining activities for my toddler!

  6. I like the egg carton and pom poms most. I will have to put together these activities for my son!

  7. How simple are the first 3 activities?! I never would have thought of them! Can't wait to give those a try with Mia!
    We are obsessed with painting/coloring at our house! Best activity to keep her busy for awhile :)