Motherhood Monday // Kids & Disagreements

As the older two kids have gotten older,
disagreements seem to happen a little more regularly.
Typically, they are rather silly (in my opinion) and are fairly short lived,
but others seem to linger a little longer.

I have a firm rule that when the kids come to me with an issue,
I first quiet them down and listen to one side of the story at a time.
Each party is silent as the other dishes to momma their series of events.
Quite often, I have to bite my cheek to keep myself from giggling
because they are so stinkin' cute and animated as they tell their stories.
But, even when I make my ruling as to who is right, and wrong,
 usually someone walks away unhappy.

That's when I enacted the 
"When in doubt, hug it out" Act of 2014.
We don't really call it that, but for all intents and purposes,
that is what it is.
It goes like this...
I help to resolve the issue,
and then I make them hug and squeeze each other until they are both laughing and 
have no recollection of why they came to me in the first place.

They will scamper off with a whole new lease on life.
I dare you to try it and come back and tell me if it worked for you!
The key is to tell them to,
"keep squeezing,"
"don't let him/her get away from ya,"
"squeeze harder, etc"
to make it more fun for them.

Works every time...

Note: I use this for silly situations, such as, "He used MY toothpaste and squeezed it all over his toothbrush
instead of using HIS own toothpaste." Or, take this for example, "She told me that I am littler than she is and that my shirt is a toddler shirt (which is true- dude is in denial that he isn't as old as she is simply because he is almost as big as she is size-wise)." I wouldn't use the Hugging Act of 2014 when there was/is a  real "heart issue" at hand.

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  1. Love the hug it out rule. It sometimes turns into a wrestling match at my house but at least they are back to having fun.