The Happenings

Life here has been predictable.
We have been enjoying our normal routine-
morning breakfasts together, school time around the school table, reading The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, spending oodles of time outside enjoying the amazing weather, capturing wooly worms which then spun their cocoons right before our eyes, trips to Gammy & Gamp's house, and early bedtimes from being worn out.

The new thing this week has been potty training our sweet Guinnyth.
I will be the absolute first to raise my hand when asked,
"Who thinks potty training is the worst part of motherhood?"
I am a self-proclaimed potty training hater.
I don't know if it's the fact that there is a crazy amount of messes happening every fifteen minutes,
or that I get nothing else accomplished besides cleaning those messes that makes it 
a less than desirable experience for me, but I clearly do not enjoy potty training.
In fact, I have asked my sister-in-law to come do it for me.
She thinks I am joking- but, I am not.

I use the 3-day method and it is miserable.
I spend a great deal of time pouring fluids into Guinnyth so I have plenty of 
opportunities to teach her how to go in the potty (and not all over my floor, couch, or her siblings).
She is doing great, but this momma still holds firm...
potty training stinks!

Mark has been enjoying this World Series since the Royals are playing.
I sit next to him and smile as he jumps and hollers.
I might do some "shushing" when he gets too crazy- maybe. :)
He isn't a huge sports fanatic and we don't watch hardly any
since we don't have cable or satellite, but he did purchase the World Series through Hulu
so he could watch it.  It was a well-spent $10 for him.

We are preparing for hunting season.
He hasn't had time to squeeze in a lick of it yet,
so we both look forward to him getting out in the timber.
I, sometimes, feel like I need just an hour to myself to take a shower, clean a bit, or even blog.
I know he needs his time to decompress
and since he doesn't ask for much, I gladly oblige.

That's what has been happening in our neck of the woods.
What are y'all up to?

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