Thoughts // Privilege

We lived a privileged life.
Even those of us who don't live a privileged life by American standards
still, most likely, lives pretty well compared to much of the world.

Every day, the kids and I mention how blessed we are to have all of our physical belongings.
We even chat about how grateful we need to be for each other.
Not every child has a mommy and/or daddy who loves them with such intensity as their parents do.
Not every momma has a child to hold in her arms.
We. are. blessed.

 Mark and I get caught up in the mindset 
that leads us to believe that our kiddos need stuff to feel joy.
We love seeing the beaming smiles when they get something they want.
It's natural to take joy in their pleasure.

We even have those "we are entitled," and "we deserve," moments ourselves.
Mark works hard, so he deserves this.
I am on call all day and all night, so I deserve that.
It seems harmless on the surface, it really does.
It doesn't seem like self-centered, selfishness at first.
Those things are true, right?
We deserve...
We have earned...
We are entitled...

But, at the heart of all of those statements is sin.
It is selfishness and it is a mindset that puts our wants/desires above those of Christ.
We are to lay it all down.
We were created to glorify God,
not fill our sinful flesh with all the trappings this world has to offer.

Sin is sneaky.
It is quiet and wreaks of false happiness.
We all fall victim to sin-
every last one of us.
We desire what sin has to offer,
and we have the ability to justify sin at almost every turn.

I am well aware that my heart fails to comprehend the 
great honor that is "Glorifying God."
At times, I see it as a weight on my back, and I don't know how to carry it.
I fail and worry about the bad rep I am giving Him.

There is good news, though.
In all my failings...
He is beautiful.
He is wonderful.
He is Almighty.
He deserves all the honor, praise, and glory.

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  1. Hi! Found your blog through Casey's link up. What a beautiful post and beautiful photos. Wishing you a blessed week!