Weekend Links // Immunity, Fall Decor, & Gifts!

It is the weekend again!
Mark and I are getting a "free evening" tonight (Julia will be crashing with us)
and heading to Ikea tomorrow for the day!
I am beyond excited!!!

I have wanted to go to Ikea for over a year,
but the closest one was hours away,
so I simply admired from afar.
things are a changin'!

Here are some links to keep you company this weekend.

I have recently hopped into the Essential Oil world.
Along with EOs, I have been researching other more natural ways to keep us healthy this winter.
I do not like taking sick kiddos to the doctor because it never fails,
we come home with another bug on top of the one we already have.
I will be trying this recipe for my older chilluns this winter.

If you are looking for inspiration this fall...
 Liz has an excellent post on Fall Porch Decor and 
two adorable outfits for Fall.

Golly, it's October!!!
Christmas will be here before we know it,
so get some ideas now.
Here is a gift guide that might be helpful.
Many of the items are unique and handmade- which is a major bonus!

Happy Weekend!
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  1. Enjoy Ikea! It is a little overwhelming at first, but boy do they have some good stuff. I'd love to see a post about what you buy!

  2. What brand of EO are you using? I've been in the fence on what brand to use!