Baby Gift Guide for the Momma-to-be

As a momma to four kiddos,
I have had my share of trial and error when it comes to baby products.
Each mother has her own desires when it comes to products,
but until you get to test those products yourself,
you are kind of in the dark as to your preferences.

I have a cousin who is due to have a baby this winter,
so when she asked what products I loved for my kiddos,
I thought creating a post for her and my readers 
would kill a lot of birds with one stone.

So, here we go...
this isn't a comprehensive list of all the items you would need for a baby,
but they are the items that if I were to start all over again, I would buy in a heartbeat.

BABY WRAP: Solly Baby 
Yes, there are millions of baby wraps.
Yes, many people say they are all created equal.
I say those people obviously haven't tried enough baby wraps-
sorry, no Moby love from this momma!
I love my Solly Baby wrap.
It is stretchy and allows me to get my baby snug and close to me,
but is lightweight so I am not a sweaty mess from all the heavy fabric.
This is my go-to wrap,
but I also have and adore my Lovey-Duds wraps for my older, heavier toddler babies.
Lovey-Duds is a less-stretchy fabric, therefore it is better for a heavier baby,
or an older baby.
These are great for a mom who only has one kiddo,
let alone moms with multiple children.
It is a MUST-HAVE baby item and every mother should know and adore
their baby wrap.

I realize first time moms might not think of a burp cloth when they hear the phrase "cloth diaper,"
but I assure you they are the best in collecting the spit up!
I can't tell you the countless number of burp cloths I have used.
Two out of my four kiddos have been big spitters,
so I went through multiple burp clothes per day.
I prefer a thinner cloth so I can manipulate the cloth under their chin as I burp them.
The thicker cloths make it hard to clean the spit up out of their neck rolls as well.
So, thinner and flexible burp cloths are a must.
If you find they are too thin for your liking,
fold them to create a thicker burp cloth.

Babies love to be snug and warm.
I have loved my Halo Sleep Sacks
and so have my babies.
They are easy to slide the baby into and as your baby becomes more mobile
and rolls over, you can still use the sack, 
just keep his arms free and not swaddled.
A new momma will need several of these,
unless she wants to do laundry all the time.
Between blow-outs and spit up,
one will dirty them quite quickly. 

SLEEPING BABY: White Noise Machine 
Some people make fun of me for always having my babies listen to white noise,
but all it takes is three, or four, times of your little one getting woke up by
another child, or a loud vehicle passing by their window,
and you will be on the verge of pulling your hair out!
My kids sleep so much longer and better with a quiet purr of white noise.
Once I turn on their machine, their eyes start to roll back and close.
I can also take the machine with me when we travel 
and it helps them to feel comfortable sleeping elsewhere.

CRIB SHEETS: Zipper Sheets
Zipper, what?!?!
Buy now... ask questions later!
Zipper sheets are the best invention for baby bedding ever 
and created by two ingenious mommas.
You have a base cover that goes under the mattress and you zip the top sheet on and off.
What's that?  Your kid leaked all over the crib at 2 am 
and you can't get the mattress lifted because of the bumper pads???
No problem!  Simply zip off the top sheet and zip on a new top sheet. Voila!
These also work wonderfully when you are potty training a toddler and there are
an abundance of potty accidents while sleeping.
They make life so much easier.

MILK PRODUCTION: Momma's Tea & Medela Breast Pump
If you plan on being a nursing mother,
these are two things I would highly recommend.
Any time I felt like my production was low,
or that the baby was growing and needed extra milk,
I would drink this tea.
I felt like I could notice a difference in my milk levels within a 24 hour period
after having a few cups of tea.

This pump is a must for any new breastfeeding momma.
It is worth every penny and has lasted me through four babies.
It is quick and built very well... get it!
I didn't use a ton of bottles with my kids since I have stayed home
since Ella was 6 months old,
but I do really like Dr. Brown's bottles and if I were to need some,
I would purchase the glass bottles from the Dr. Brown line.
You will also need nursing bras,
but I never found a brand I adored, so I am of no help there.
If you know of a great brand- leave it in the comments for other mommas!

CAR SEAT: Chicco Key-Fit
This car seat was one of the best decisions 
I made when putting products on our registry over seven years ago.
We have loved this car seat and we have loved the ease of snapping it
in and out of the car seat base.
I felt like it hugged my kiddos and kept them nice and comfy while riding 
in the car.
I don't feel like the stroller is as sturdy as the car seat,
but it really doesn't matter because the quality of the seat is so wonderful
that I ignore the issues I have with the stroller.

CAR SEAT BLANKET: Designs by Romy
Along with the car seat comes the need for a car seat blanket.
I used one of these for Guinnyth and really liked it.
I am currently waiting on another blanket in a different pattern to use with Julia.
These don't blow off your kiddo
and make it very difficult for them to kick off when you are out and about.
They come in such cute patterns and can even be customized.
If you live in the tundra and need more warmth,
simply put a blanket on your babe and then wrap them with the car seat swaddle blanket!
I have given these as a baby gift to several friends and they are at a great price point!

It doesn't really matter which play yard you get,
as long as you have one!
All four of my kids have adored using our play yard.
They lay under them when they are little and then the sit and 
bat at the toys when they are a bit bigger and sitting up.
It has allowed me hours of time to interact with my other kiddos,
or get house work completed because my babies love it!!
Since none of my kids ever took to the baby swing,
this was used a lot!

BABY MONITOR: Levana Keera
I received this monitor to review and Mark and I both 
thought it was a little silly to need a video monitor.
Ummm... we were sooo wrong!
We both love it and wonder what we would ever do without it!
It is in the girls' room and we have it attached to the wall.
I can zoom in and out,
pan across the room,
listen to them in the room,
and even talk through the monitor to them.
It is a must have, if you ask me!

Well, those are the "must have" products that I find super helpful with my day-to-day momma/baby tasks.
I know it is a short list, but I would purchase them all over again if we were starting from scratch.
I hope y'all found this helpful, and if you have any products that need to be added to the list-
write them in the comments!!!


  1. This is a fantastic list! Great suggestions. I'd also add a nursing cover to the list! I love this one:

    1. Great addition! I have never owned a nursing cover. Isn't that crazy? You would think after nursing 4 kiddos I would have eventually invested in one. Thanks for mentioning one!

  2. I used a white noise machine with my daughter until she was almost 5.......and my husband was basically making fun of me, like you have to get rid of this. lol I loved had like 23 different sounds, and 'hers' was the ocean waves. And I use a white noise machine myself....every night! I literally can't sleep without it now. I have wizened up and I bring it with me when I travel now too. :)

    1. It is so soothing! I love that I can take it with us when/if we travel. I don't have to worry about noises in the hotel. lol

  3. Pretty much everything on your list are items we had and I loved every single one of them! Thanks for sharing! Also wanted to let you know about a new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at