Creativity Overload

I get so much inspiration from the internet.
Beautiful things are everywhere.
I almost can't handle it!

I go through phases when it comes to creativity.
I get all amped up and ready to create, and then I fizzle.
My mom and my sister are true creatives.
They can have a vision and it almost always turns out.
I, on the other hand, am not like that.
I just squeeze in a little bit here and there.
And, if I'm lucky, it will somewhat resemble what I had in mind.

I have been planning a birthday party for Ella.
It is a "My Little Pony" party.
I have tails for the girls and worked on a pom pom garland for the 
lights so it would be a little more festive.
Nothing special or strenuous,
but man are my creative juices drained.
Good thing I so kindly laid the "unicorn headband project" in my mom's lap.
Poor Ella would be one disappointed chica if that were my responsibility.
Thank you, mom! ;)

I don't know if it's because I just don't have the it factor, or what,
but I only have a limited amount of juice in the tank and then I am 
done for a week or two (possibly more depending on how busy I am).

I have been slowly decorating for Christmas.
It is a long process, but I do love putting up Christmas stuff.
The bad part is I'm already thinking about what a mess it will be to put it all away.
Does anyone else do that?!?!

So with the pony tail creations, pom pom garland, and Christmas decor,
I'm creatively whooped.  I have so many other things on my list to accomplish,
but it will have to wait until I get another burst of energy, which I hope is soon because this is 
a magical and creative time of year!
I don't want to miss out!!!

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