It's Saturday Morning

It's not really Saturday morning as far as the "publish" date goes,
but as I type this it is a foggy Saturday morning and the gloomy outside has tricked my kids
into staying in bed a bit longer,
so I sit here in my comfy sheets and type away.
This is kind of my happy place.

We have been plowing through school so we can savor a nice, slow (hopefully, slow)
Christmas break in a few weeks.
Ella has been busting her tail in school and I am so proud of her progress.
She's reading like a mad-woman and her attitude (most of the time)
makes being her teacher really enjoyable.
I will have to do an updated post about her curriculum and schedule later on.

This little girl is growing by leaps and bounds.
She is officially potty trained!  Hallelujah!
Three down, one to go!
I know there will still be accidents, but she is doing so good thus far.
She's also talking up a storm and climbing all over everything.
None of my other kiddos climbed.
They were satisfied with their feet firmly planted on the floor,
but not this one,
she's all about seeing how high she can go.

Well, I hear stirring and I am fairly certain there will be little voices
pleading for milk and breakfast.
Have a great one!

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