The Happenings // Blogging & Hunting

I sit here typing in my nice, warm home sipping decaf coffee
while the cold wind blows outside.
I haven't been able to drink much coffee because it seems to cause the babe to 
do quite a bit of spitting up.
So, tea it is! At least it has been for the past couple of weeks.
Today, I decided I need the rich coffee smell and taste,
so I am living on the wild side and indulging.
I guess I will be cleaning spit up off of me for the next 24 hours- oh, well.

Blogging is such a nice outlet for me.
I get to socialize with other ladies who are much like myself-
 mommas, many who homeschool, and most who do their best to honor God with their daily lives.
It is a weird world, that unless you are part of it, it's hard to understand.
How does one go about making "real" friends with other bloggers?
I know, it sounds crazy, but I totally have.
I really treasure the online friendships I have made
and they are much of the reason why I continue to blog.
That, and I love connecting with TQJ readers!

So, while I am inside sipping coffee and blogging,
Mark is outside in the cold with the two older kiddos working with them
on their BB shooting skills.
This morning is the first morning he has been out hunting this entire season
and when he came home for lunch, the kids were begging to go shoot.
Alas, he's back out in the cold with two over-tired, over-sugared,
 running-on-adrenaline children.
Hmmm... I think I am having more fun. ;)

I am just so grateful that he loves spending time with them
and is willing to invest in their little hearts.
They really couldn't care less about the actual target practice,
they truly just want a reason to get some time with him.


  1. Coffee is extra delicious when it's chilly outside!! Enjoy :)

    1. Amen! Nothing beats a warm mug in your hand!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Jen. That warmed my heart more than my coffee did! ;)