The Happenings

The cold just recently rolled in, so we had to bust out the heavy coats and hats.
My laundry room will be a gathering place for all things "winter outerwear"
for the next six months, at least.
Since I anticipate a long winter again (wasn't it just last winter???)
I have been ushering the big kids outside every day.
They are digging holes and building a new house under the deck.
The two little girls and I sit by the living room windows and watch them work.

I have been slowly replacing summer prints with fall/winter prints.
I love the changing seasons,
 but sometimes I have to force myself to do little things like changing decor.
I have also replaced my summer mugs with more muted, winter-ish ones.
If you are looking for some fun and free printables,
check out my pinterest board.
There are some cute ones and most of them are free- Bonus!

We have family coming in and staying with us this weekend. 
I am getting pretty excited to have some extra bodies in the house.
We are crossing our fingers that the wind will die down so we can 
roast some marshmallows.
The kids have asked me every day if we are still going to make s'mores.
They are making sure I don't forget the s'mores promise I made last week.
They will, probably, start asking for hot cocoa here pretty soon!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Vera just asked me last week, "Is hot chocolate in season now?" ;-) We'll have to make some soon too!!

  2. We are having an early winter too. Not ready for boots and hats and bundling up. Hope your weekend is good and you are able to make those s'mores. ;)