A Merry Target Christmas

I have been adding touches of Christmas to our home the past week, or two.
I have acquired this and that over several years.
I love going to Target the week after Christmas to get their awesome deals.
I have Black Friday shopped before and had a great time,
but if you want really good deals on decor- go the week after Christmas.
You can save so.much.money if you wait and shop after season!!

My favorite place to shop is Target.
For some reason I really love their style.
They are so on-trend and I could pretty much put one of everything in my cart.
It's probably a really good thing that I rarely go there anymore.
A really good thing,
because I went there they other day as I was getting goodies for Ella's birthday
and I was swooning over everything.
I hadn't felt the urge to shop in a really long time,
but one step into Target and it all goes down the tube.
They sure know how to market.

The past few years they have had neutral lovelies in their Christmas section.
I managed to snatch a few of them up at great prices!
Let's take a look, shall we?

Neutral Sweater Trees and Star
+I got these adorable little sweater trees and two sweater stars
 two years ago for just a couple of bucks a piece.
They add some texture, but don't knock you out with bling and bright colors
(though I do love some bling and bright colors on occasion).
The stars match the trees and are simple, yet festive.

Tiny Trees
+These cuties came from the Target dollar section.
I do find it interesting that the dollar section has now become the $1-$3 section.
Bumpin' it up two dollars really puts a damper on my dollar bin shopping.
I did manage to snag two of these, though.
I felt like $3 was pretty reasonable because the trees feel sturdy and durable.

PS.  Those tea light holders were $1 a piece after season last year at Target!!!

Soft, Warm Plus Sheets
+These sheets weren't on sale, but they are soft and warm
 (just what I need during the cold months) and I love the simplicity.
We were still sleeping on a pair of sheets we got for our wedding (10+years ago),
so I felt justified in making this little purchase.
Who knew that a pair of sheets would make you feel different about sleeping?
I am excited to snuggle up in them at night.

Glittered Woodland Tree
+  I love this tree.  It has some bling
 (see, every once in awhile we all need some bling!), but in a muted way.
It looks great with our Taffy cow print and my grandma's white porcelain tree.

Gold Glittered Pine cones
+Yep, these babies needed some decking, too.
The antlers got a nice dose of Christmas cheer with some white pom poms and 
after-season glittered pine cones.  These came in a pack of 10 for mere dollars. 
They were cheap, but the glitter stays put pretty well.

There ya have it!  That is how I like to shop for holiday decor.
After season and cheap!  I love having a festive house, but buying $100 wreaths is just
not in the cards for us.  This is more fun anyhow!


  1. These are the sweetest + best finds. Love Target. They do great with options. Love the neutral take on the holiday - so clean but definitely know the holidays are here!

    1. Yes! I am more of a neutral gal with splashes of color here and there! :)

  2. I adore Target! Those mini trees are adorable and I've had a slight obsession with sweater items lately so I really love the trees and star :)

    1. I adore Target, too... a little too much, i think. ;)

  3. Your place looks amazing! I will have to try to hit the sales this year as i really want to decorate but can't afford all those pricey decos!

    1. Thank you! The sales are so, so good. You might not always get exactly what you want, but the prices make it easy to compromise. :)

  4. I love the sweater trees! It might be an easy DIY project if they don't still sell them. I haven't seen them at my own Target this year and I'm embarrassed to admit how often I'm in there. That dollar section - it's a scary (but wonderful) place!!

    1. I think they would be easy to make, too, but I'm too lazy to find sweaters and buy the cones. lol :)

  5. I laughed about the sheets! I bought those same sheets for myself for Christmas. We have had the same sheets for 8 years now! Time to move on! 😜

  6. Your home looks so inviting and comfy!