All is Calm... All is Bright

"All is calm, All is bright..."

Those words lift the weary soul, don't they?
Just thinking about all being calm, brings peace and quiet to my busy heart.
I strive for simplicity.  For calm and peace. 

 At times, I get discouraged when things are hectic and disheveled.
But, I have to remember, that before "all was calm and bright,"
things were uncertain and frightening.
Before the "calm and bright" was a long journey.
A journey that was uncomfortable, tiring, and seemingly never ending
Before the "calm and bright" there was no room in the inn.
There was a mere stable with no proper bed.

It's good to know that with all that is left on the to-do list,
there will be rest to be found.
There will be rest for your weary and tired soul.
There will be a blessing beyond the Christmas presents.
The "calm and bright" lasts well past the physical celebration.
It is such a relief to finally reach the birth of peace and calm.
Have a Merry Christmas.  We will see you in 2015!

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