Reflection // Babies, Blogging, and Blooming

We are about to close the year 2014
 (I know, we just finished Thanksgiving, but seriously- it's flying!),
and so much has happened these past 11-ish months. 
We had a beautiful baby who has been such a sweet addition to our family.
She truly is the best baby ever.
We love passing her around as we sit on the couch, from lap to lap.
She has the most laid back disposition and has made the transition to four so, so good.

This has been the busiest and most successful year for my blog.
It all started, years ago, when I kept hearing people talk about blogs.
I had no idea what one was (I think I was still using MySpace at the time- embarrassing),
but when I laid my eyes on one, I loved it!
All the craftiness and amazing talent going on held so much excitement for me!
I was a stay-at-home momma to two kiddos and was looking for a way
to connect to other women.  A way to feel a little less alone.
The first blogs I gravitated towards were craft blogs.
I had no idea what you could do with some hot glue and spray paint!
It was then, in January of 2011, that I started this little blog.
Those first posts are so rough and a little awkward to read.
They were mostly comprised of photos taken in "auto" with bad lighting 
and a few sentences to caption the pictures.
But, we've come a long way, baby.
This year has been good to my small corner of the blog-world.
I am hoping the next twelve months will be just as good!

I have enjoyed so many snippets of life this year.
I have loved watching my kiddos bond and love on one another.
We have watched the snow fall, trees bloom, and leaves scatter
all from the comfort of our front porch windows.
Mark and I have journeyed through the highs and lows and it feels so nice to 
be able to reflect and rejoice together.
I think we're really coming into our own as far as this little family is concerned.
We have a groove going on and it suits us.
It's not anyone else's groove- just ours.

I also have come to realize that a family with four kids isn't so "big."
I laugh when people see me and "gasp" when they discover I am the momma to four kiddos.
I would have "gasped" too, not too long ago, but now...
it feels normal.
Herding my crew across a parking lot might take a bit more coordination,
but it's not so bad.
Four is my cozy spot.  I think I'll sink into it and stay awhile.

What exciting things have graced your 2014?

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