The Happenings


|| Our house has been filled with cinnamon candles, twinkling lights, and Christmas music.
It is so, so much fun!!  We have been working through our Advent book and it is short,
but perfect for the younger kids' attention span.
On the down side...
I haven't prepared a Christmas card yet.
I wrestle with whether, or not, to do one.
I love having them to tuck away for safe keeping,
but the thought of preparing, buying, addressing, and mailing one,
when I know majority of receivers of said card will just toss them
makes me want to ax the whole idea and forget about it.
But, then I won't have the year end solidified with a glossy card of my little crew members.
The struggle is real, people!

I think I just decided- snap a picture and print off some cheap cards.
Done, and done.

|| The next item is this shirt.  I love it.  It has a message.
My hope everyday is that I make a difference.  I have four sweet babes and sometimes I feel like 
it isn't enough.  That being a momma isn't enough of a difference.  I should do more.
I need to volunteer more.  I need to give more. Yada, yada, yada.
But this shirt, tells me to make a difference here and now with these four 
precious souls.  Good stuff.  

This shop also has a great message.  I will let you visit the shop and read all about it.
Such a powerful vision and mission.

|| I have a fun little tutorial coming up!  I have been wanting to make evergreen wreaths for several years, but never bit the bullet.  This is the year and I have finally done it!  
The smell, the texture, the color- so perfect!  I will give you a step by step later this week.
I know... you're on pins and needles.  I don't blame you.

|| I look forward to Sundays.  I don't know why, because they are so busy and force me to get out of my schedule, but I do.  I love seeing friends and watching my kids build relationships. 
 We come home from a long morning and eat a warm lunch, then it's family nap time! 
 Some days the little girls don't quite make it through lunch before they are whooped.
I am the same way.  Naps on Sundays are a must.

|| And, last but not least, a random picture of me not looking at the camera with a messy mop on my head and a flannel shirt.  
It really needs no caption, but there ya go- "messy mop, flannel wearing mom."

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  1. You can look good with a mop on your head. I cannot wait to see the wreath. I have things I want to do, just having time though is the issue.