2015 Resolutions | I got 'em

I am not a huge resolution setter.
That isn't to say that I don't desire changes and commitments in my life,
I just don't actually set and write down goals.
I hadn't planned on setting any hard and fast resolutions this year, either,
and then I was reading my Bible and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Jesus had a goal.
He came to earth for a goal.
It was set before the beginning of time and it had to be completed.
He had to stick with it and stay focused.
He came to save the world.
I mean, let's be honest,
 me eating better and dropping the last ten pounds of baby weight is pretty impressive,
but to save this stinkin' world?

Wow!  So, with that said, I have decided to set some goals.

+ Mark decided that this would be the year of prayer for us.
He wants us to join together at the end of every day and pray together.
Not just for our marriage and immediate family, but also our government (Hello, it needs it!),
our church, our extended family and friends, those in need, etc.
It wasn't a goal I had set for myself, but it has become my #1 goal by default,
and it is a worthy goal, for sure!

+  I desire to have even more Biblically focused dialogue with my little crew members.
I have noticed a trend in my reaction to my kiddos.  With adding babe #4, I have been a little shorter and louder with my kids.  I am not an out-and-out yeller, per say, but my discipline is a little less "disciplined" if that makes sense.  I want to reign it back in and focus on scriptural discipline.  Okay, that goal might be a little vague, but it makes total sense to me. :)

+ At some point, I do want to start some sort of fitness routine.  I usually wait until my infant is eating table food to start this.  I have always noticed a drastic decrease in my milk supply when I begin to work out, so I have learned to wait until I am no longer the sole provider of his/her nutrition before I make any big changes with my activity. 

+ I also need to get a grip on my carbs.  After a (almost) year of barely any carbs (thanks, gestational diabetes), I kind of go carb crazy right after giving birth.  It is time for me to turn my cravings to good nutrition and not eat for instant gratification.  This will be a long process, but as always, I will begin to crave healthy foods again and not the junky stuff.

+ Photography.  I want to drastically improve my abilities to capture, edit, and display what life is like in our home.  I absolutely love lifestyle photography and want to be able to have my vision come to life.  This means that I have to invest even more time into learning how to make that happen.  That is where my trouble lies.  I am not sure where I will sneak that time away from.  It's a goal, but not a critical one, so I will hold on to it loosely.

+I hope to continue to invest time and energy in this blog.  I pray it is encouraging and a sweet spot for my readers.  That is not simply lip-service.  I do indeed pray for this space.  It has become an important place for me over time, and I want it to grow in 2015.  This blog is here for a larger purpose than myself.  It is here for God's purpose and I want His reach to be increased through this space.  I hope it has been a blessing for you.  I spent 2014 praying it would be just that- a blessing.  My prayer in 2015 is growth.

Do you have any specific goals for 2015?
I would love to hear them!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I've enjoyed following your blog since I found it a few months ago.
    I only have a couple goals this year. Mainly to spend more time studying the Bible and really enjoying my 4 kids, instead of worrying about getting everything done.

    1. Those are such great goals, Nicole! I set the goal almost three years ago to read my Bible every day. I missed only a handful of days and it totally changed my entire Bible reading life. I hope you find that to be true for yourself, as well. Enjoy those kiddos. They are precious and grow way too fast. :)

  2. Those are great goal!!! I love that your husband is so passionate about pursuing prayer together with you :)
    Have you read the book Made to Crave? I just started reading it and it's really good! I thought of it when you were talking about carbs.

    1. I have not read the book, but I have heard of it! Maybe I need to look into it a little bit more. :)

  3. To focus more om my children, to keep on working out and to quit smoking.