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I have someone special to introduce you to today!
She is a momma blogger and the sweetest lady, ever! 
I am super excited to introduce Iulia to you...
Hi y'all!

My name is Iulia...rhymes with Julia (you-lee-ah).   The hubbs calls me Iules, the littles call me momma (or waaah, in the case of the baby).  And people call me...well whatever they can pronounce, but I've heard just about everything (even "Eulalia"...that one was special).  And that one time I was called "Home-skilly biscuit"...still trying to figure that one out.

I'm a redeemed follower of Jesus, an adoring wife of Allen, and a joyful mom to a toddler boy and baby girl. 

This was my hubby and I five years ago...such babies:

And now....we're making babies. (And dern cute ones too)

Speaking of babies, I love them.  Really, I do.  Even before I was married I was learning everything I could about babies, breastfeeding, birth, secret of course, because what normal college student does that?! "Whatcha reading Iulie?"  "The Womanly Art of Breastfeedi --  umm, I mean Vampire Wizarding Academy or something...that's what's popular nowadays right?"

I spent the first few years of marriage working as an educator, dreaming about the day I'd get to be a stay-at-home momma.  I feel so blessed to be living that dream now (though with a hefty dose of reality...what do you mean staying at home isn't easy?!)  Many women my age are focused on advancing their careers and climbing the corporate ladder.  Me?  I did the career thing.  I'm happy to be "barefoot and pregnant".  Motherhood y'all, such a blessing.

Yes I said y'all, but no I'm not a southerner, just a wannabe southern-belle.  Pearls, curls, good-manners and all.   I originally hail from Romania (hence the weirdo name), but then migrated my way over to the Midwest (with a pit-stop in Germany).  After I got married, my husband took us South for his Ph.D. program and I've been working on perfecting my Southern accent ever since.  I love it down here y'all.  The weather, the music, the food...well maybe not the food.  Boiled peanuts?  Really? More like boiled toes...because that's what it feels like you're biting into.

Photo credit: NatalieMaynor / IWoman / CC BY

Mmmm....don't you wanna scoop you up some of that?

I chronicle my adventures in motherhood over at Best of Baby.  Want to read a good natural birth story? I gotcha.  Want to commiserate over newborn sleep woes?  Come on over..I'll be here all night (ba dum tish!)  Or maybe you want to feel better about your cooking skills?  Then check out my Ugly Cooking over at Best of Baby.  Part mommy blog, part blooper reel....and a whole lot of baby.


Now, run on over to Iulia's blog and soak up some of her motherly wisdom!

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