Christmas 2014

We woke up Christmas morning wrapped up in our warm blankets.
The first pitter-patters were from Liam's little feet as he ran to see if something was brought for him the night before.
Next, Ella came and found a letter to her and her siblings.
A letter that buried deep into her heart the importance of Jesus being the center of the day.

We heard gasps as we lay in our bed listening and giggling-
"this is the best ever," we said.
Listening to your kiddos chatter with excitement is so much fun.

Soon, we were being bounced on by three kiddos telling us all about what was beneath the tree.
We got up, woke Julia, and headed for the kitchen table to begin our celebration with the Jesus story.
Mark read the words as the kids listened quietly.
No one pushed to open gifts, they sat and spoke of Christ and his birth.
Finally, Mark told them to check out their stockings.

We opened gifts, got dressed, and headed over to my parent's house to spend the rest of the day.
It was a day filled with a lot of excitement and family... and, food.
I hope yours was as lovely as ours!

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