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I know we are in the handheld device era.  The "read a book without turning actual pages" era.
There's just something about actually feeling and holding paper that makes me feel all June Cleaver.
I am stoked to introduce you to a fab shop, just in time for Valentine's Day (and, Easter and Mother's Day).  It is a handmade paper goods shop that also has a few "extras" to spiff up your paper.

 Desktop Postcard Calendar- once the month is over, write on the back and mail it to someone special.

isavirtue is run by a sweet mama, Kaitlyn.
This is what she says about her handmade shop:

"i love paper and my passion for envelopes and letter writing developed years ago when my best friend moved to a different province. we would write letters to each other and decorate the envelopes. 
plus, there is nothing more exciting than getting real snail mail (i.e. not bills or catalogues!)"

I couldn't agree more!  I love getting sweet cards in the mail (so do my kids!!!). 

There is just something about reading the written word, when it's actually written, that makes you feel vintage and authentic.  With all the fun occasions coming up- Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, etc.- go vintage and send a beautiful card!

This is just a nibble of what Kaitlyn has in her shop,
so be sure and visit isavirtue 

For one week, isavirtue is offering you 25% off of your order!
at checkout to get 25% off!!!


  1. I just loooove everything about this post! Every piece is so beautiful. I am a big believer in good old fashioned mail... I love receiving it and sending it. These are some gorgeous options, especially for Valentine's Day!

    xo Always, Abby

  2. i still adore paper craft stuff! to be honest i don't really like keeping notes/lists on my phone. i'm totally a notebook girl! can't wait to check out this shop!