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Hi there!
 I am Nicole from Nicole Clark blog
 I am mom of 3- Kendric 9, Cadence 7,and Kaelis 4.

   I started blogging in 2005 to keep my long distance family updated on the happenings and then I just kept adding more and more . I am married to an incrediable hard working man and he is such a great dad. He is going to school to be a pastor and working full time. I cannot wait. His heart is ready to preach and I am ready to be a pastor's wife.   He is involved in missionary and has traveled to Haiti once and plans on going back this summer. We would love to adopt a Haitian child one day,but their adoption is very limited. Seeing those children with just a diaper on and no shoes just looking up at you just makes me want to take all of them home. When we are suppose to adopt, God will provide us with the peace to do it. I work from home running an in-home preschool. I have a passion for teaching and my degree is in Early Childhood. I was eager to stay home with my children, but we still needed another income. I got the idea to run a preschool out of the house doing the 2 things I love, teaching and being a mom. It can be a very challenging job, but what job isn't challenging? 

I love spending time with my family and being a taxi for all of the kiddos. Football, year round soccer, basketball, gymnastics, church things. Whew... Did you get all that? I would not change it for anything. Ryan and I enjoy staying active by getting up when it is dark and enjoying the quiet before the storm and do the elliptical and lift weights. One of thing that keeps us motivated is food! We love to eat and burning those calories first thing, makes us enjoy the bites we take even more.  It gives us time together to chat, pray and just enjoy each other. 
Well, there is a little about me and the family. 

Hope you can stop by and say hello and I look forward to getting to know you!


Thank you for visiting and supporting The Quick Journey, Nicole!

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