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I have been working on this project for nine months now.  I started it right before Julia was born and finally put the finishing touches on it.  I spent hours searching my heart about what I wanted to tell beginning (and, not so beginning) homeschool mamas.  When I began this journey, I needed someone to help me along- emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  I needed information in a clear, concise format.  I needed to know what was up ahead and how to deal with it.  

This ebook was written to answer those questions.  

What is this "nudging" I am feeling?
Where do I begin?
How do I make this work with multiple children?
What do I do with my kids all day?
How do I pick curriculum?
What are my favorite resources?
How do I lesson plan?

and so much more!

I poured my heart into this ebook for months- adding and taking away.  I feel like it is perfect for the overwhelmed, confused homeschooling mom.  It is like sitting down and having a heart-to-heart with your best friend.  If you have been on this course for a few years and need to feel some encouragement, this is the book for you!  If you are just beginning to consider homeschooling, this book is for you!  If you are just curious about our homeschooling journey and how it works for us, this book is for you!  

I hope you find this book to be a blessing.  It was a labor of love for me and I am so excited to get to finally share it with you!

You can purchase this ebook from my sidebar, or directly below. 

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  1. Yay, Liz!! It looks great! So excited for you!

  2. SO proud of you! The ebook is awesome! Very inspiring and encouraging.

  3. Congrats on releasing it! It sounds like such a great book!! Way to go Liz!

  4. Hi Liz! :) This is Jessica Cusano, (jesscusano on IG) I follow you on your rootprettyliz instagram account, and was obviously introduced to you through my recent introduction to Root Pretty make up! :) I came over to your blog to watch your eye make up tutorial video and then came across the complete goldmine that your entire blog is!! SO amazing!! :) I am SO super excited about this ebook of yours! We currently send our children to a christian school that functions through our church, but things may be changing for our family and my husband and I have been praying about the possibility of homeschooling for several months. I TRULY believe that my finding your blog, just now as I have is a blessing straight from the Lord!! <3 I just completed the purchase and have downloaded your book to the computer and am heading to read it after I finish this comment! After my telling my husband about it, he even asked to read it when I was done!!! I can hardly explain how excited I am about this whole prospect!! Thanks for taking so much time to compile a book about this super important topic! I never thought I would be researching this, but here I am!! I'll update you later after I am finished reading, but I just quickly wanted to say thanks, share how excited I am about how I found your blog, and all of the great info you have to share! :)

  5. Hi there! I purchased your beginners homeschooling e-book last week and see the payment went through but am not sure how I access it. Could you let me know please? Thanks!