Motherhood Monday | Daily Sweet Spots

*post written sometime last week at 2pm*

I have nuked my coffee three times already.
This is my second cup.
The first usually screams caffeine while the second cup's purpose is to 
waft the delicious smell of coffee throughout the kitchen and 
satisfy my craving for more coffee.
I sip it very slowly.

It's one of my favorite times of the day.  I steal a few minutes- typically 15ish-
and brainstorm how the rest of my day/evening will play out.
I consider whether, or not, I should go ahead and get supper started, or if it can wait another hour.
This spot in my day has a sweetness to it.  It is a relaxing time and prepares my heart to conquer the last leg of my routine.

Waking up.  That first cup.  Sweet voices chattering about breakfast and brushing teeth.
That's the first sweet spot.  It is special in an entirely different way.
It is the moment when my day no longer is solely mine.
I no longer pour into myself, but into them.
They get the best of me during this first cup of coffee.
By the time lunch hits, my soul needs a breath
 and my almost-burnt, 4 times reheated coffee needs some refreshing as well.  

This cup also brings forth hope.
As silly as it sounds, it makes me think of the future.
Mark and I often find ourselves talking about growing old,
reading the newspaper (via an iPhone), and chatting over a cup of coffee.
Totally cliche, but that's okay.
So while it represents now, it also makes me smile thinking about tomorrow.
I spend my today with the most important people in the world to me.
Tomorrow, I will be spending my days sipping coffee real slow
and smiling about yesterday.  


  1. I reheat my coffee so many times. I agree with first cup for caffeine. That is the first thing I look forward to in the morning. That one sip of hot coffee!

  2. Yep. :) I've been trying to cut back to one cup a day, and I usually drink it while doing other things, but I love my coffee in the morning. My husband sometimes drinks it when I leave it sitting around too long... then I have to make a fresh cup. :) I like it hot like you too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. i am always multi-tasking (like most women), so it get nuked multiple times. lol

  3. I love this! My husband and I have the same vision of the future--breakfast, reading the newspaper, and just enjoying the comfortable silence and the bits of conversation we'll have with each other. It'll come eventually, but for now--our little juggling act at breakfast (with our one year old daughter) will have to do! Thank you for sharing :)

    1. The juggling act is nice, too. ;) But, dreaming never hurt anybody. lol