DIY | Giraffe Canvas

When I first wrote this post about my DIY Giraffe Canvas, I had no idea how many people would love it!  I originally made this canvas (2 years ago) for Guinnyth's nursery after seeing a much, much pricier version on Etsy.  In order to cut the cost for redoing our nursery, I made my own.  The total cost for this project was around $10.

To make this, go to Jo-anns (or your craft closet) and pick several different fabrics- one for each giraffe. Grab the rest of the supplies and get started!

Supplies Needed:
Coordinating Fabrics
Cheap Foam Brush (you will throw this away afterwards)
Sharpie Marker

The best part about this project is how easy it is.  

+ Trace giraffe shapes on fabric
+ Cut out giraffe shapes (stay inside the sharpie line so it doesn't show)
+ And mod-podge them onto the canvas.

It is so easy and quick!  Definitely make sure you mod-podge the entire canvas.  If you don't, you will have glossy and non-glossy areas when the sun light hits it the right way.  So, seal it all with the mod-podge. 

Let me know if you try this sweet project!  It is such an eye-catcher and doesn't cost you a ton to create.  I also think using other animals would be perfection- birds, elephants, even trees!


  1. These are BEAUTIFUL. You're so talented! Pinning :)

    1. thank you so much, Iulia! have a lovely weekend. :)

  2. Girl, you are on a roll with the great tutorials. LOVE LOVE LOVE this canvas!

    1. thanks, friend. just wait... the dry spell is coming. lol :)

  3. Omg, I just had one off those "why didn't I think of that?" moments! I will make a few smaller canvas for my daughter's room :)

  4. Gorgeous! We love giraffes here!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

  5. So, so cute! My youngest loves giraffes! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded! Pinning :)

  6. Wow. I would love to create something like this for my daughter's bedroom. She absolutely love Giraffes. Beautiful!

  7. very cute! I'm helping my daughter fix up her nursery this week, pinned this to show her, thanks, it's adorable!

  8. Super cute giraffes! Thanks for the tutorial. What did we do before Modge Podge?