Motherhood Mondays | Hope for the Weary

He wept.  We get that, right?
What that means- him shedding tears,
it means that He knows what it is like to bear a weight.
He knows what is it like to have the people he loves be disobedient.
To not see the promise and grab ahold of it with all of their might.

He gets it.  He feels where we are.

He already wept for us.
He already redeemed us.
We just have to step into him and take hold.

We will grow weary.  We will.
Don't go about your days betting on you.
You will fail every. single. day.
You will lose if you place all your chips in your corner.

It's beautiful, though.  
Without the failings, there would be no redemption.
Without that need there would be no saving grace.
The saving grace is the where it's at.
We all grow up thinking about Prince Charming.
He will come, sweep us off of our feet, and all will be right with the world.
That story might have been made up and something that dreams are made of,
but the story I'm talking about is as real as it gets.
It is raw.  It is sacrificial.  It is whole.

Jesus isn't just there when we need him.  He's there the entire time. 
He's there when we ignore him.  He's there when we cry out to him.
He's there when our entire world falls apart.
He's there.

My whole point is that we will grow weary.
We will fail.  It's in the cards.  You can't escape it.
There is hope.  A hope that surpasses all understanding.
A hope that is eternal and true and just.
We just need to grab hold and feel the warmth.

For some, motherhood is all they have ever wanted.
I realize it's not like that for all mothers.  That, in no way, makes you less.
It just means that He's there.  He's got it all figured out.

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