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Preparing | for a little mini-vaca with family in a few days.  We are meeting Mark's family at a water park hotel for an evening.  The kids are stoked and I have to admit, I am working on suppressing my excitement- not for the swimming suit, but the excitement of family time.

Reading | Mere Christianity and taking it really slow.  The words are simple, but reverent, and I am trying to focus on his heart and glean a little bit of wisdom from it all.

Hoping | That spring will come early this year and hold on a bit before summer strikes.  I am not minding the gray, snowy winter so far, but getting glimpses of warmer weather- here and there- makes me long for days spent outside.

Wanting | a king sized bed.  We sleep on my mattress from when I was 15, so it is high time we swap out for a new one.  We both love to sprawl out (and not touch anything), so we think the extra inches will be lovely.  We have our sights set on one and when we decide, I will fill you in on all the details!

Eating | lots of avocados.  I am an avocado-ian.  I love them.  I do.

Enjoying | mornings with my crew members in the schoolroom.  The deeper into the school year we get, the more satisfied I become with it all.  I see it work.  I feel less like an intruder into this little world of homeschooling.  It feels settling.

Stalking | this blogger.  She photographs her life so well and makes me want to jump in and invade her space.

Anticipating | my next hair appointment.  I think I'm chopping it off.  I might change my mind in the next six weeks, but at this moment, I have decided to go for it.

Watching | Parenthood.  Seriously?  I have a friend who has been gently recommending this show to me for awhile (as in years), but I never found the first few seasons, until we started Netflix.  Now, we sit and watch episodes in the evenings while we surf the web and "connect" with other people.  We're total multi-taskers. ;)

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