Today is My Favorite

Motherhood is tough.  It's especially difficult when you do motherhood alone.  I love bringing mamas together so we can encourage one another.  Nicole is a sweet mama who loves her family fiercely and she is here to share with you!

Hey friends!  My name is Nicole and I am married to my best friend, Adam.  We have two little dudes we call Emmett Dane and Gideon Brian Steele.  Each day I keep the home fires burning in our 120 year-old-house, where you can find me creating, making yummy things to eat and sharing my love of essential oils.  

You might say I wear my heart on my blog, Today is My Favorite.  Most days it's a happy mess of boy toys, our favorite treats and life as a creative.  Other days it is brokenness and stories of the life's messiness, though always hopeful that each day we are being remade.

My heart beats to see women live in community together while pursuing their dreams for the honor and glory of Jesus.  They say it takes a village to raise a child, but I honestly believe it takes a village for any of us to do life.  It's my hope that through my small presence online, I can create an uplifting community of love, so consider this your invitation to join the family.  

And just in case you can't get enough of the two cutest little dudes you ever saw, be sure to join me on my ultimate social media crush, Instagram.  That's where the good stuff really goes down everyday.  I also dabble in twittering and Facebook through the day and tend to over-pin house-spiration on a regular basis.

Okay!  Enough from the me. . .  please come find me via your own favorite avenue of social media  and tell me what I need to know about you.  I already know we'll be great friends.


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