Weekend Links | Clothing, Snacks, Mamas, and Pizza

We're taking on this weekend like a bunch of ninjas.  Taking every moment captive and leaving nothing for chance.  Actually, it's probably going to be filled with snuggles and ice cream, but I had to share this picture.  Ella is really into making "inventions" (sorry, sister, but masks and swords have been around for a long time.) and she came up from rest time last week with masks and swords for the boys.  Give a girl some tape and paper and she can do anything! 

Now, onto some links I felt worthy of sharing.  I hope you have a happy weekend!  

+ I don't think this is the first time I have endorsed Be Still Clothing.  I love the message they have and I love their clothes.  Right now, I'm digging this wide neck sweatshirt.  So cute.  It's still winter.  I think I would have several good months of wear before I needed to pack it away for summer.

+ I am going to whip up a few of these snacks this week.  I'm not sure I can get Mark to eat any of them, but they all sound delish to me!  Plus, they are healthy and swim suit season is headed our way.
+ This blog.  This post.  I totally relate and I think most of you would, too.  I remember so clearly being a young mama to two kiddos.  It was such a sweet time and I see myself in this mama a lot.

+You all know my love of pizza.  I can't eat it while pregnant and I crave it the entire time.  It's always the first thing I ask for after delivery (that, and a cinnamon roll).  That's how much I adore this lovely, doughy mealtime creation.  I am planning on trying this recipe out.  I hope it's as good as it looks!


  1. Aaaaannnddd... I think we're having pizza for dinner. #executivedecision

  2. Why can't you have pizza when pregnant? That sounds like my worst nightmare!!