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Sometimes, in life, we just need a little break.  A little breather, if you will.  I have a few little tricks of the mama trade I want to share with you that have made my life a little easier.  It might have saved me time, money, a mess to clean up, or just plain helped me to stay the course during a busy time of the day.

These are simple.  You might already be using them, but for those who aren't aware of these little mama lifesaving hacks, pack them away for later.  I use them every time and they are tried and true.

Cutting Pancakes, French Toast, or Waffles +  Do you try to cut your breakfast breads with a fork and knife?  You've been doing it wrong- trust me!  Grab a good pizza cutter and cut your time in half!  This is so simple I can't believe I ever used to use a fork and knife.  I have been cutting these breakfast items like this for years now.

Draining Beef +  A long, long time ago, I would keep a "grease container" in my fridge.  When I cooked ground beef or bacon, I would drain in into that container.  Well, I guess it is obvious that the more kids you have, the less space you have in your fridge for random containers.  A year ago, I read on DreaWood that they get a bowl, place tin foil in the bowl, and then drain their grease with a strainer over the bowl.  Once you drain your grease, you leave the grease in the tin-foiled bowl to harden.  Then, you pitch it in the trashcan.  No mess.  No yucky grease container taking up space in your refrigerator.  No extra dishes to clean!  I drain my grease like this every time and find it so easy!

Filling Muffin Tins + How many times have you filled your muffin tins only to drip the batter all over the place?  You lose batter and that which gets on the top of the tin is a bear to clean off once it is baked.  I found several years ago that using an ice cream scoop works so well with filling the cups with muffin batter.  I get the same amount of batter in each cup and it doesn't spill out as I'm transporting the batter from the bowl to the tin.

Cutting an Avocado + My love for the green fruit runs deep.  I eat avocados all the time- just ask my kids.  I put them in tacos, breakfast burritos, or mix them with salsa/pico to eat with chips.  The hardest part is getting them out of their skins and chopping them.  This is the easiest way to chop an avocado.  Cut your fruit in half.  Then, while the avocado is still in the skin, slice it into small squares.  After that is done, gently squeeze the flesh into the bowl you are using!  It is that easy.  Your hands don't get dirty and you get all the flesh out quickly and easily!

Trimming Fat off of Raw Chicken + My sister-in-law has a weird texture issue with meats, so dealing with raw meat is hard for her.  I learned this little trick from her!  First off, chicken is always easier to cut if it's still a little frozen.  Let it thaw a bit, but not all the way.  Then, use kitchen shears, NOT a knife, to trim the fat off of the chicken.  The shears are a lot easier to use.  You still need to use caution just like you would with a knife, but if they're sharp, the chicken will clean up so easily.

Cleaning Bathroom Counters + When I get ready in the mornings, I tend to leave a trail of mineral makeup behind me.  I really cannot stand messy bathroom counters or the film that sticks to them after I use hair products.  One way I have cut corners with cleaning my counters is by using my washcloth from the night before.  I use a (separate) wash cloth to clean my face, so when I'm finished with it and after I've applied my makeup, I use it to wipe down our counters and sinks.  It's nice to have it clean and not actually have to overhaul the bathroom.  I also do this with kitchen rags when I throw them in the washing machine.  I quickly wipe down the washer and dryer tops so they are dust and detergent free!  It just makes it look nicer.

If you have any great hacks for mamas, leave them in the comments.  These are all hacks I use every time!  They are easy and cut down on the time it takes to do simple tasks.


  1. So I tried the pizza cutter trick when I made waffles last week... game changer!!! Thanks for the tip!

  2. Keeping bath mat clean between showers...I used a DIY (oven) cleaner which I found on Pinterest, unfortunately I can't seem to find anymore so I can give credit to this person. Because I could not bend following major surgery and I wanted to 'help hubby with household chores', I used a small spray bottle which I keep in corner of bathtub, and spray the bath mat and surrounding tub areas after my shower and now hubby does the same between the full twice weekly full bathroom cleaning. I use my facecloth and carefully clean down the mat with .... my foot! Be careful, if you have a bar, hold on to it! This DIY cleaner is AMAZING, a fantastic degreaser....for anything! And you have all the products in your home. 2oz Dawn liquid dish soap, 4oz lemon juice (I used from a bottle), 8oz white vinegar and 10oz of water. Mix and add to spray bottle. I was recently told that I could find 'cleaning vinegar' at my grocery store. Since i'm still convalescing and no shopping for me for a couple of weeks still, I used regular vinegar and it's A-OK. I found this recipe just after Christmas when my oven really needed a good cleaning. Now my beautiful KitchenAid convection oven is sparkling clean, just like when new. Hope you like my 'quick clean up' trick.

  3. This is wonderful! Thank you for all of the tips, you are definitely a professional mom:)

  4. The pizza cutter trick is one of the best. Thanks for posting. Hello from Anti-procrastination Tuesday.