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I sat down to write and felt a little empty.  Not empty in the sense that I'm left wanting, but more in the way that my heart isn't stirred.  I'm void of a lot of emotion.  Things have been busy here. When we are busy that doesn't leave me a lot of time to sit down and really delve into what is going on in my heart.  It's a nice break, but it usually means that a well-spring of feeling is about to come.

Our mornings have been pretty typical.  We get up and start moving around seven.  The sun is peeking out by then and that encourages the kiddos to get up as well.  Breakfast happens then and the kiddos gather around the table, chatting about their nights.  I have been fixing pancakes and waffles far too often.  I know this because I have been buying maple syrup far too often.  So, last night I whipped up some banana muffins and homemade granola bars to help ration our maple syrup.  

Mark and I finally bought a king sized bed.  We kept joking that we would have to yell at each other across the bed since we would be so far apart.  We were so ready for our new bed.  It would be big, comfy, and free of lumps.  We took our bed apart and stored it away in anticipation of our new, lovely bed that would assure us a good night's sleep.  Then, the call came saying we would have to wait at least another week for our bed.  It wasn't coming and we were disappointed.  How silly it is that we let our hearts get worked up and frustrated over a mattress and box springs, but we did.  We had everything moved and were so excited over this bed.

We sat and chatted about what we were going to do for the next week, or so.  We couldn't drag our old frame back upstairs, so we just brought up the mattress.  We're sleeping on the floor, just like twenty-somethings.  It's like our own little bachelor pad, except we're married and are joined by four little people when the morning comes.  As frustrated as we were about the absent mattress, we have had fun bach-ing it up for the past few nights.
I hope you have a lovely start to your week.  I love Mondays once we get in the swing of things.  The routine feels nice after a less scheduled weekend.  Breakfast-School-Lunch-Rest-Supper-Bed...Repeat.


  1. I can totally relate to the bed thing--Our frame broke when we moved (LAST APRIL!) and we still haven't gotten another one lol! we have just been sleeping with our box spring on the floor and now I kind of love it but it definitely doesnt look the best ;) I hope your bed comes in soon!

  2. I love having king bed! Your blog is sooo beautiful! I love your photography style!